Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Barbecued Meat by Ann Harding [actress]

episode ten -- barbecued meat by ann harding

Ann Harding is one of my favorite movie actresses of the 1930s. She had a very calm, sophisticated way about her and all the characters she played were intelligent women, usually facing difficult decisions. My greatest decision today is what to make for lunch, and I figured I would use Ann's recipe for grilled meat which I am sharing with you.

I found this recipe in an out-of-print paperback cookbook first published back in 1931, the year Ann made DEVOTION at home studio RKO with Leslie Howard. I think the recipe is rather easy to follow and can be used on various cuts of meat-- beef, pork or lamb. I hope you find the tip about using flour as useful as I do!


Here's a glamorous pose of Ann Harding from her heyday. And I must tell you that off-camera the Texas beauty was known for never wearing make-up!
Today's recipe first appeared in Favorite Recipes of the Movie Stars, an out of print paperback cookbook published in 1931.

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