Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My Meal of Shrimp for Breakfast… what was that? Yes, lunch for breakfast!

Posting my meal for breakfast today of shrimp, mushrooms, cabbage, and noodles… with scripture… yes I have lunch for breakfast! John 21:12
Jesus said to them, "Come and have breakfast." None of the disciples ventured to question Him, "Who are You?" knowing that it was the Lord.

Pesto Zoodles

Bring on the basil and Parmesan cheese

Peach and Blueberry Cobbler With Hazelnut Biscuits

Cobbler is an irresistible summer treat, with its combination of bubbling fruit and golden biscuits This version uses sweet, nutty hazelnut flour in the biscuits, which…

Spicy Lamb Sausage With Grilled Onions and Zucchini

This is modeled after North African merguez, which is sometimes served as part of an elaborate couscous meal, but good on a bun, too For its deep rust-red color,…

Chilled Corn Soup With Basil

No-cook, chilled blender soups are so quick to make it almost feels like cheating This one stars sweet corn that’s been tarted up with buttermilk and lime juice, spiced with garlic and scallion, and imbued with fresh herbs While straining it…


Spiedies are a mainstay sandwich of Binghamton, N.Y., and its surrounding boroughs They’re made of meat marinated for a long time in what amounts to Italian dressing, then threaded onto skewers, grilled, and slid into a cheap sub roll,…

Sourdough Starter

This is an adaptation of the instructions for making a starter outlined by Peter Reinhart in his “Artisan Breads Every Day.” It takes a little more or less than a week of mixing flour with liquid – Mr Reinhart starts with unsweetened pineapple juice,…

Sourdough No-Knead Bread

So you’ve brought a sourdough starter to life, or received one as a gift, or purchased one somewhere You’ve fed it and watched it become bubbly and fragrant, with a light yeasty-boozy scent Now it’s time to bake bread

Coconut Rice With Peas

Traditional accompaniments for jerk chicken are savory rice with crowder peas or red beans, plantains, sweet potatoes or yams, and a fried corn bread called festival I had the idea to make my rice with coconut milk and fresh spring peas, which…

Sloppy Joes

Some foods are memory triggers, meals that send you back to long-forgotten moments in your life The sloppy Joe sandwich is one such time machine This version is an adaptation of one developed by Chris Gesualdi, the chef at…

Fried Rice

Here's a brilliant and addictive way to use up leftovers that comes together in about 20 minutes It can accommodate practically any vegetable languishing in your refrigerator, and adding leftover cooked chicken, pork, beef or shrimp isn't a bad…

Creamy Garlic Parmesan Mushrooms

Creamy Garlic Parmesan Mushrooms are sautéed in a butter garlic until tender and then tossed in the most AMAZING creamy parmesan sauce. These are great as a side, on top of meat or eaten by themselves and ready in under 10 minutes! I am…

15 Minute Garlic Butter Ramen Noodles

15 Minute Garlic Butter Ramen Noodles - Delicious healthier noodles in less than 15 minutes! From

Vanilla Bean Pudding Cake

Tender vanilla bean cake with vanilla sauce.

Zesty Pepper Soup

Zesty Pepper Soup is a great way to enjoy the flavors of stuffed peppers but without all the mess. You can make it to enjoy now or freeze for later use.

Grilled Mexican Street Corn

Fresh-from-the-Garden Fall Harvest Recipes: Grilled Mexican Street Corn #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeas

Jackfruit Carnitas Tamales With Cilantro Pesto & Heirloom Pico de Gallo

Fresh-from-the-Garden Fall Harvest Recipes: Jackfruit Carnitas Tamales with Cilantro Pesto and Pico de Gallo #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeas

Roasted Beet & Goat Cheese Salad

Fresh-from-the-Garden Fall Harvest Recipes: Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese Salad #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeas

How to Make Low-Carb, Gluten-Free "Cloud" Bread with Just 4 Ingredients!

Learn how to make the lightest and fluffiest "bread" you'll ever eat. Cloud bread is gluten-free, low-carb, slightly sweet, and totally delicious.

Bacon, Onion And Cheddar Stuffed Burgers

A recipe for Bacon, Onion And Cheddar Stuffed Burgers made with ground beef, salt, black pepper, barbecue sauce, garlic powder, bacon, onion, Cheddar

Roaster Oven Corn on the Cob

Placing the corn on a rack in the roaster oven over the water steams the corn instead of boiling it making it more tender and flavorful.

Chicken Bianco

Chicken bianco is a simple dish made up of sauteed chicken in a simple white wine reduction sauce. Serve it over pasta or rice for a quick dinner.

Baked Beans Recipe for 50

Baked beans are the quintessential picnic and backyard barbecue food. If you are entertaining a large group, this recipe will serve about 50 people

The Many Ways to Bourguignon

A month ago I found myself staring at the defrosting hindquarters of a deer wondering how on earth I was going to prepare it. I was staying with friends at…

Indian Pudding (1978)

Here's a classic, old-fashioned recipe for New England Indian Pudding from the Yankee archives, made with cornmeal, molasses, ginger, and cinnamon.

Sunny Silver Pie

Sunny silver pie has been handed down from mothers to daughters since the days of the depression. It's a classic that is still a favorite with our readers! Yankee Magazine

Three Fats You Should Include In Your Diet

Like any other food group there are fats that we should avoid and fats that we should consume daily for essential, health-boosting, and nutritional benefits.…